The driving experience could best described as a feeling of exhilaration as you learn what the vehicle is capable of. The T600 was designed as a high-end sports car that could navigate in congested traffic. As a sports car it has all the features expected of high performance acceleration, cornering and safety. The patented narrow form factor has meant that the vehicle has a low centre of gravity, an incredible 56 degree roll over threshold and high density (minimal area to weight profile).

When most vehicles reach speeds greater 100km/hr the physics of aerodynamics takes place and vehicles tend to be impacted thus becoming unbalanced and difficult to control. The T600 does the opposite in that it is as equally stable at speeds greater than 100km/hr as it is at 50/km/hr. This is all due to its relative density. It is estimated that the vehicle would need to reach speeds of 200-250km/hr before aerodynamics comes into play.


Your average car has a single engine, where as the unique design of the T600 has dictated a two-engine set-up. This means it has an incredible amount to torque and can therefore accelerate to 100km/hr in 4 seconds.

During my test drive the acceleration was quick and incredibly smooth as there is no shifting of gears. At very high acceleration the engines shift from series feed to parallel feed, which essentially doubles the torque and results in greater acceleration at high speeds.


The very low centre of gravity, sports car shock system and 56 degree rollover threshold means the T600 corners really well at high speeds. We tested on a Freeway onramp which had an almost 360 degree circle to change to the new elevation freeway.

The T600 accelerated to 100km/hr over the onramp without any sideways movement.