In January 2014 I travelled to Silicon Valley CA to meet with the vehicle manufacturers and president Rick Woodbury of the Tango T600, investors and to view various charging infrastructure implementations.


The president of Commuter Cars Rick Woodbury on the right and myself on the left. We were both about to demonstrate how two people can compfortably sit in the vehicle.

I am 6’3” so often have height issues with smaller cars. The T600 is much taller than your average car and therefore you have a greater visibility while driving. The vehicle is 99 cm wide or half the width of your average sized car and narrower than a BMW KT1200LT motorcycle (used by the NZ Police).

The driver’s seat was very comfortable with excellent driving visibility.

The passenger seat was also comfortable with good views to the side of the driver (Note I am 6'3").

This is one of the many steep streets in San Francisco (Stanyan street). We parked the T600 to demonstrate the roll over threshold.

The narrow form factor design is unique and has a worldwide patent in place.


My attempt to push the T600 over was unsuccessful and in reality we would have required a forklift to do the job.

The Tango T600 has a 56 degree rollover threshold, low centre of gravity due the to placement of the batteries in the floor and weighs over 1.5 tonnes (heavier than a Subaru Outback). It also has a FIA-certified roll cage defined for 200mph crashes. Full front, side and back impact bars.

Recharging the T600 at the San Francisco Crissy Field which is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Note the wind turbines in the background are powering the charging stations.

Everywhere we travelled swarms of people questioned us about the vehicle. When we explained that one of the main benefits was traffic congestion reduction the majority wanted to know when the vehicle would be available at mass produced prices.

Recharging stations at Google. This set-up is 500 meters long and has solar panels above providing alternative renewable energy to charge the various electric vehicles.

A typical recharging set-up in a normal sized garage. Note the height and width of the T600 when compared to the Toyota Prius to the right.