Starting November 2013 Project microCAR completed a series of presentations to various organisations for funding to begin a year long pilot starting 2014.

The Pilot will cover the following pieces of work.

1. Demand Generation: Marketing and Education, demonstration fleet of three to five vehicles to promote the project

2. Market Validation: Determine the types of incentives (e.g. low lease rates) for the modeled targeted uptake of 15,000 vehicles

3. Business Modeling: Determine the appropriate business structures to minimise risk and ensure financially sustainability

The objective of the Pilot is to produce a comprehensive business plan that determines the level of investment required by Central Government, Local Government and Private to build the new microCAR based Public Transportation company to solve Auckland's traffic congestion.

The Pilot will also investigate the potential of a NZ Assembly plant, vehicle exports to the Asia/Pacific region, skills/employment, NZ Carbon/Vehicle emission reduction commitment, NZ Clean/Green image, R&D for Intelligent Transportation Systems etc

UPDATE 24th February 2014 Pilot proposal submitted to the Auckland Council Annual Plan Budget

UPDATE 9th April 2014 Pilot proposal presented to the Auckland Council Annual Plan Budget

UPDATE 6th May 2014 Pilot proposal was not included in the Auckland Council Annual Plan Budget

SUMMARY After 5 weeks of demonstrations, presentations and test drives the funding for the Pilot Project was not discussed during the Annual Plan Committee process and subsequently was not included in the budget.

Presentations were also made to the Wellington City Council regional plan where genuine interest was shown.

Discussions with Ministry of Transport officials were held at a "Smart Transport" seminar, some highly "unusual" comments and advice given which did not seem in line with the Ministry of Transport roles as a government agency.

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