This comprehensive 19 page discussion document was published on the May 6th 2013 and is the result of 9 months of personal research into motorway congestion. The opportunity for a Microcar based future can be achieved within a 4 year timeframe and will be transformational for the New Zealand economy.

Executive Summary

A mass-produced fleet of 100,000 plus electric narrow microCAR's will provide the following benefits:

  • Solve motorway congestion within 4 years time
  • Solve residential street congestion within 6 years time
  • Add significant capacity to both the motorway and residential road networks
  • Improve the bus network due to the reduction of peak time congestion across Auckland
  • Provide a gross profit of $1.12B over ten years from the fleet of leased vehicles
  • Provide an asset ready for sale or refurbishment of $200M at year 10

Please send all comments and support to so that we can contact you in the future on the development of this revolutionary project.

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Toa Greening,
5 May 2013, 15:00